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Año: 2007, Número: 5

Music in medieval ibero-jewish society
Edwin Seroussi
pags. 5-67

Ashkenazi esotericism and kabbalah in Barcelona
Moshe Idel
pags. 69-113

El testamento de Benvenist de Saporta (1268)
Francisco Javier Hernández
pags. 115-151

Yitshaq abravanel's first edition (Constantinople 1505): Rhetorical content and editorial background
Cedric Cohen Skalli
pags. 153-175

La presencia de elementos de la tradicion judia en la obra de Cervantes
Ruth Fine
pags. 177-211

António José da Silva "O Judeu" and the inquisition: History and memory
Claude B. Stuckzynski
pags. 213-237

Año: 2004, Número: 4

Andalusian Poetics and the Work of El'azar ben Ya'aqov of Baghdad
Joseph Yahalom
pags. 5-21

"Servi regis" Re-Examined: On the Significance of the Earliest Appearance of the Term in Aragon, 1176
Ilan Shoval
pags. 22-69

The Queen's Property: Isabel I and the Jews and Converts of the Sicilian Camera Reginale after the 1492 Espulsion
Nadia Zeldes
pags. 70-85

The Site of the Judería of Granada According to Christian Sources: Facts and Myths
José R. Ayaso
pags. 86-102

Distinctive Characteristics of Jewish Ibero-Romance, circa 1492
David M. Bunis
pags. 105-137

A Sephardic Siddur with Ritual Prescriptions in Aragonese Romance
I.S. Rèvah, Aldina Quintana
pags. 138-151

A Manuscript from the XVth Century in Hebrew-Aragonese Script (JNUL, Yah.Ms.Heb.242)
Merixell Blasco Orellana
pags. 152-166

Año: 2000, Número: 3

Zoharic Narratives and their Adaptions
Ronit Meroz
pags. 3-64

The Jewish Community of Toledo at the Turn of the Fourteenth Century
Nahem Ilan
pags. 65-96

The Extraordinary Career of Ferrando de Aragona: A Sicilian Converso in the Service of Fernando the Catholic
pags. 97-126

Two Minorities Facing the Iberian Inquisition: The "Marranos" and the "Moriscos"
pags. 127-144

A Fifteenth-Century Hebrew Manuscript from the aljama of Perpignan
pags. 145-184

Año: 1999, Número: 2

Reflections on Kabbalah in Spain and Christian Kabbalah
Moshe Idel
pags. 3-16

From Suxén to Salvador: the Saga of a jewish valencian lineage
Josè Hinojosa Montalvo
pags. 17-34

New life for old songs: the ethnomusicologist as applied contrafactorum
Judith R. Cohen
pags. 35-42

The synagogue of Coria in the documents of the Coria Cathedral Archives
Marciano De Hervas
pags. 43-76

Jewish moneylenders from Vic according to the "Liber Judeorum" 1341-1354
Irene Llop Jordana
pags. 89-96

pags. 97-134

Manuscrips on jewish philosophy
pags. 135-155

Año: 1998, Número: 1

pags. 13-23

pags. 24-35

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Crown of Aragon
pags. 36-39

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Crown of Castile
pags. 40-45

pag. 46

pags. 47-49

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Kabbalah, Halakhah, Literature and Language, Exegesis and Science
pags. 50-55

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Conversos, Polemics, Inquisition
pags. 56-59