Suhayl. Journal for the History of the Exact and Natural Sciences in Islamic Civilisation


2000 · Barcelona

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Presentation 7
List of Contributors 9
J.L. BERGGREN & GLEN VAN BRUMMELEN, Abū Sahl al-Kūhī's "On the Ratio of the Segments of a Single Line that Falls on Three Lines" 11
A. DJEBBAR, Figurate Numbers in the Mathematical Tradition of al-Andalus and the Maghrib 57
R. PUIG, The Theory of the Moon in the Al-Zīj al-Kāmil fī-l-Ta'ālīm of Ibn al- Hā'im (ca. 1205) 71
D. PINGREE, Sanskrit Translations of Arabic and Persian Astronomical Texts at the Court of Jayasimha of Jayapura 101
M. FORCADA, Astrology and Folk Astronomy : the Mukhtaṣar min al-Anwā' of Aḥmad b. Fāris 107
D.A. KING, Too Many Cooks... A New Account of the Earliest Muslim Geodetic Measurements 207


List of Contributors 7
D.A. KING, J. SAMSÓ & B.R. GOLDSTEIN, Astronomical Handbooks and Tables from the Islamic World (750-1900): an Interim Report 9
F. CHARETTE & P. SCHMIDL, A Universal Plate for Timekeeping by the Stars by Ḥabash al-Ḥāsib: Text, Translation and Commentary 107
J.L. BERGGREN & GLEN VAN BRUMMELEN, Abū Sahl al-Kūhī's "On Drawing Two Lines from a Point at a Known Angle" 161
J. SAMSÓ, Ibn al-Haytham and Jābir b. Aflah

SUHAYL · VOLUME 3, 2002-2003

List of Contributors 7
DAVID A. KING, An astrolabe from 14th-century Christian Spain with inscriptions in Latin, Hebrew and Arabic. A unique testimonial to an intercultural encounter 9
ROSA COMES, Arabic, Rūmī, Coptic, or merely Greek Alphanumerical Notation? The Case of a Mozarabic 10th Century Andalusī Manuscript 157
PAUL KUNITZSCH, A New Manuscript of Abū Bakr al-Ḥaṣṣār's Kitāb al-Bayān 187
CARLOS DORCE, The Tāj al-azyāj of Muyī al-Dīn al-Maghribī (d. 1283): methods of computation 193
THOMAS F. GLICK & SIMONNE TEIXEIRA, Azaira, alhetma: two medieval arabisms reflecting the allocation of irrigation water 213
J.L MANCHA, A note on Copernicus' 'correction' of Ptolemy's mean synodic month 221
HAMID-REZA GIAHI YAZDI, Naṣir al-Dīn al-Ṭūsī on Lunar Crescent Visibility and an Analysis with Modern Altitude-Azimuth Criteria 231
BRUCE S. EASTWOOD, The Revival of Planetary Astronomy in Carolingian and Post-Carolingian Europe (J. Samsó) 245
FRITZ S. PEDERSEN, The Toledan Tables. A review of the manuscripts and the textual versions with an edition (J. Samsó) 246
AḤMAD JABBĀR & MUḤAMMAD ABALLĀGH, Ḥayāt wa-mu'allafāt Ibn al-Bannā al-Murrakushī ma'a nuṣūṣ ghayr manshūra (J. Samsó) 251
IHSANOĞLU, EKMELEDDIN (Ed.), Osmanli Astronomi Literatürü Tarihi (History of Astronomy Literature during the Ottoman Period (2 vols.); Osmanli Matematik Literatürü Tarihi (History of Mathematical Literature during the Ottoman Period (2 vols.); Osmanli Coğrafya Literatürü Tarihi (History of Geographical Literature during the Ottoman Period (2 vols.) (E. Calvo, M. Comes & R. Puig) 256


List of contributors, 7
BENNO VAN DALEN, A second manuscript of the Mumthan Zij, 9
FEDERICO CORRIENTE, Notes on a recent edition of a Morisco Pharmalogical MS, 45
BORIS ROSENFELD, A supplement to Mathematicians, Astronomers and other Scholars of Islamic Civilisation and their works (7th-19thc.), 87
CRISTINA ÁLVAREZ-MILLÁN, Medical anecdotes in Ibn Juljul's biographical dictionary, 141
EMILIA CALVO, Two treatises on Miqat from the Maghrib (14th and 15th centuries a.d.), 159
JOSE CHABAS, BERNARD R. GOLDSTEIN, Early alfonsine astronomy in Paris. The tables of Hohn Vimond (1320), 207
MANUELA MARÍN, The making of a mathematician: al-Qalasadi (d. 891/1486) and his Rihla, 295
GREG DE YOUNG, The latin translation of Euclid's elements attributed to Gerard of Cremona in relation to the Arabic transmission, 311
JOSEP CASULLERAS, Ibn Muadh on the astrological rays, 185.


English section
List of contributors 7
RICHARD LORCH & JOSÉ MARTÍNEZ GÁZQUEZ, Qusta ben Luca: De sphera uolubili 9
JULIO SAMSÓ, QusÐ× ibn Lýq× and Alfonso X on the celestial globe 63
FEDERICO CORRIENTE, A parallel text and further notes on a recent edition of a Morisco pharmacological Ms. 81
JULIO SAMSÓ & HAMID BERRANI, The Epistle on Tasy÷r and the projection of rays by Ab Marw×n al-Istij÷ 163
ROSA COMES, Armenian alphanumerical notation on a 14th century Iranian astrolabe found in Fez 243

DOLD, Y.; DAUBEN, J.; FOLKERTS, M.; VAN DALEN, B. (eds.), From China to Paris (R. Lorch) 253
S.M. RAZAULLAH ANSARI (ed.), History of Oriental Astronomy. Proceedings (J. Samsó) 255
CH. BURNETT, K. YAMAMOTO, YANO, M. (eds.), Al-Qab÷½÷: The Introduction to Astrology (J. Samsó) 257
A. LABARTA & A. MESTRES (eds.), Mýsà ibn Nawbajt, Kit×b al-azmina wa-l-duhýr (J. Samsó) 260
A.I. SABRA (ed.), Ibn al-Haytham:Kit×b al-man×Þir. Books IV and V (A. Djebbar) 262
J. CHABÁS & B.R. GOLDSTEIN, The Alfonsine Tables of Toledo (J. Samsó) 264